Reality is always either terrible or boring.
  • Beyoncé gets emotional while singing to her daughter.

    (Fonte: thequeenbey)

  • Blue Ivy reacting to seeing herself on the screen during Beyonce’s VMA performance.

    (Fonte: beyoncse)

  • vh1:

    Where can we enroll in “Beyoga 101”?

  • mtv:

    who run the world?

    watch with me »


  • lynhthy:

    We #live for these moments. @Beyonce 😇💖👯 #DanceLife 💃 @Bloc_LA @DanaFogliaDance @ChrisGrantMusic

    #Beyonce #VMAs #BeyMAs #WhenDreamsBecomeReality #Gratitude ✨🙌✨ (at The Forum)

  • whosaidanythingaboutcaring:

    I melted at this point